O Canada!

Andy loves Canada.

He loves the cities he’s visited.  He loves the people he’s met.  He loves the magic of cold and snow in the winter, the thaw of the spring, the energy of the summer, and the beauty of the fall.  He loves hockey.  He loves ice skating.  He loves poutine.  He loves fresh lobster rolls.  He loves the local microbrews.  He loves maple whiskey.  He simply loves everything about Canada.

Andy is not a Canadian, though he has often been mistaken for one.

But Canada holds a special place in his heart, so he has recently been visiting a lot.  Another reason he’s so glad he has a passport now!

Andy’s first visit to Canada was to Québec City in the winter.

He went dog-sledding, tried Caribou (the drink, not the animal!), and visited the astounding Ice Hotel!

Andy has also made a trip to Toronto!

He tasted (vegetarian!) poutine, sampled some local beer, and touched the Stanley Cup at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Andy has spent time in Nova Scotia, too!

He ate a lobster roll, met the cutest tugboat ever, and visited a lighthouse!

Andy plans to continue to visit Canada often!  Canada makes Andy happy.

It feels like home.

4 thoughts on “O Canada!

  1. Hi Andy! This comment is from the person of another traveling teddy bear named Johann. Johann is having a snooze right now, but he wanted me to tell you that we saw your person’s post on the Friday Chicken and came to check out your blog. Johann has never been to Canada, but now that he’s heard about Andy’s adventures, I’m sure he won’t shut up about it until he gets to go there. :) Johann doesn’t have his own blog, but he does have a Facebook and would be delighted to be your Facebook friend if you also have one. Johann’s Facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/johannthegreatbear and mine (I’m Oliver Danni!) is: http://www.facebook.com/choirqueeer (3 e’s, because Facebook hates the word “queer”).

  2. Oh my! I think my traveling ducky will love this. Do you do hosted traveling? I think my ducky would love to host a sweet little bear in Germany. (Ps. came via Havi’s)

    • Ooh, a traveling ducky, how adorable! Andy has never considered hosted traveling – he’s not sure how he would feel being far away from his person. But he would sure love to see Germany! :)

      (P.S. Yay for Havi!)

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